Our Story

An American-owned company, we started Red Pocket in 2006 with the intention to be a different
kind of wireless company. We thought it was unfair that consumers had to overpay for a cellphone,
get locked into rigid contracts, and be treated like a number. So we reimagined wireless!

So what does that mean for you, our customer? We’ve built our business model on the values of
choice and flexibility. You can choose service on any of the nation’s top three networks. You can keep
your number (and phone) or get a new number (or phone!).

Perhaps one of the things we’re most proud of is our customer service. At Red Pocket, we’ll never
treat you like a number. Our customer service team prides itself on their ability to deliver quality care
for every customer. You can even talk to a live person! Anytime!

The Red Pocket Name

The name of our company is intentional and comes from an Asian cultural tradition. Gifts are presented at social and family gatherings, such as weddings, holidays and Chinese New Year, in red envelopes (or pockets). The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck. We thought it would be the perfect representation of what Red Pocket, the wireless company, is all about.

Reimagining Wireless


We offer customers access to wireless service on ALL of the big carriers' networks. Allowing you to customize your wireless coverage and optimize your connection speed.


We’ve stripped back everything you shouldn’t have to pay for (like big advertising campaigns, extras, data you don’t need) and passed those
big savings onto you.


Instead of being treated like a
number, we care about each and
every one of our customers. You’ll
find that the Red Pocket
customer experience is truly

We are Red Pocket and we are here for you