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The Networks:


The largest GSM network in the US

Got an AT&T compatible phone? This is the network for you! GSMA is one of the largest nationwide networks in the US, with coverage expanding even into rural areas.


The largest CDMA network in the US

Got a CDMA phone that didn't come from Sprint? Go with this network and get incredible coverage. If you’re not sure if your phone is CDMA, our live-chat team is ready to help.


Alternative GSM network

Got a 5G compatible phone? Pick this network to get lightning fast 5G speed! You can also use an LTE (4G) phone if it's GSM compatible. Learn more about GSMT here.


Bring Your Own Sprint Device

Save money without switching your device and network.

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Disclaimer: Actual coverage will vary based on network, location, device used, and other factors.
We cannot guarantee coverage in a specific location.