$50.00 50GB

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For the first month of service. Renews at regular rate.
conversation minutes
Unlimited Minutes
chat texts
Unlimited Text
downloading data
50GB High Speed Data Unlimited at 2G speeds thereafter

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Why Red Pocket?

  • All Red Pocket Mobile plans include a 100% risk-free guarantee. Learn more.
  • Works with AT&T compatible or unlocked GSM devices on the largest GSM network in the nation. Click here to learn more.
  • Includes 5G speeds on compatible iPhone devices. Android coming soon.
  • Switching to a Red Pocket Mobile SIM card will NOT affect your pictures, contacts, or apps!
  • FREE International calls worldwide, including unlimited to 80+ countries.
  • Keep your phone - Bring nearly any phone in the US.
  • Keep your number - or get a new one.
  • FREE triple punch SIM card to fit any phone. It may seem small, but some companies actually charge for this!
  • Activate your SIM card, conveniently preloaded with your first month plan, in minutes at RedPocket.com/activate.
Any AT&T compatible, GSM unlocked or other unlocked LTE phone
Any Sprint compatible LTE phone. For Sprint compatible 3G phones, or LTE phones for which you already have a Sprint SIM card a Red Pocket SIM is not needed. Proceed to RedPocket.com/Activate.
Any T-Mobile compatible or GSM unlocked LTE device. 5G is available on GSM unlocked androids that are 5G compatible.
Any non-Sprint CDMA compatible LTE phone. For non-Sprint CDMA compatible 3G phones, a SIM is not needed. Proceed to RedPocket.com/Activate.